Internet Area Working Group (intarea)

Charter for Working Group

The Internet Area Working Group (INTAREA WG) acts primarily as a forum

for discussing far-ranging topics that affect the entire area. Such

topics include, for instance, address space issues, basic IP layer

functionality, and architectural questions. The group also serves as a

forum to distribute information about ongoing activities in the area,

create a shared understanding of the challenges and goals for the area,

and to enable coordination.

The Internet Area receives occasional proposals for the development and

publication of RFCs that are not in scope of an existing working group

and do not justify the formation of a new working group. The INTAREA WG

has a secondary role to serve as the forum for developing such work

items in the IETF. The working group milestones are updated as needed

to reflect the current work items and their associated milestones.

New work must satisfy the following conditions:

(1) WG consensus on the relevance for the Internet at large.

(2) WG consensus on the suitability and projected quality of the

proposed work item.

(3) A core group of WG participants with sufficient energy and

expertise to advance the work item according to the proposed


(4) Commitment from the WG as a whole to provide sufficient

and timely review of the proposed work item.

(5) Agreement by the ADs, who, depending on the scope of the proposed

work item, may decide that an IESG review is needed first.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Aug 2010 Submission of tunneling security issues document to the IESG as Info
Aug 2010 Submission of tunneling issues document to the IESG as Info
May 2010 Submission of IPID document to the IESG as PS