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HPC:Factor is an online community of users who share a common interest in the legendary, yet legacy Microsoft Handheld PC platform and in its underlying operating system Microsoft Windows CE.

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The Windows CE 1.0 public release happened 26 years ago today

It is the 17th of November once again and that means that Windows CE and the Handheld PC celebrates its latest birthday. Revealed to the world at COMDEX 96, Windows CE spawned 17 years’ worth of embedded device innovation from countless manufacturers across the world before its eventual retirement and... Continue Reading »

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C:Amie · 2 comments

SanSoft AstroHTML is now available as Exemptionware!

HPC:Factor is pleased to announce the addition of a new Exemptionware title back, now made available to the community for free under our community exemption license.

Once thought lost to the stars completely, AstroHTML is an offline astronomical handbook written for use with Pocket Internet Explorer / Microsoft Pocket IE.

Originally released... Continue Reading »

Published 1 month ago in Community

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Please update your HPC:Factor Password

We have started a process of updating the security for user accounts on the site and as such would like to request that all members of our community reset their passwords at their earliest convenience.

Please be reassured that there is no specific threat or issue against the site or your... Continue Reading »

Published 2 months ago in Community

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Queen Elizabeth II - With Eternal Gratitude

Today is a day that many of my nation have pondered with dread in their thoughts for many years. Yet here, now, on this day. As the sun sets around us we as a nation are at last are compelled to face that fear and its meaning as we witness... Continue Reading »

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C:Amie · 3 comments

Bye Design releases SpreadCE 3.12

There is some exciting news this morning out of UK based Bye Design, creators of the award winning SpreadCE for Windows CE as well as Pocket PC, mainstream Windows and Android.

SpreadCE has been updated to version 3.12. The release heralds a first for the Windows CE spreadsheet world, as it... Continue Reading »

Published 4 months ago in News

C:Amie · 1 comment

New Homepage Poll: What would you modernise first?

We have a new homepage poll this afternoon here on HPC:Factor. The latest pressing question for you to get your teeth into relates to what you think is the biggest limitation of the Handheld PC?

Assuming that you could fully modernise one thing - and that we all lived in a... Continue Reading »

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